The offer

Children sessionsA child is treasure… the children session is the occasion to capture these exceptional moments with your beloved and transform them into lifelong tangible form - something that will always remind you of your child's apperance, interests and joyfulness – something which is so elusive and which is undeniably worth saving in family photo album. The session is organized at the studio, at home or outside - in the open air where children have the opportunity to play and enjoy themselves.

The '12 Project' This offer is directed to parents and their youngest - in their first 12 months of life, from a child'd birth to their 1st birthday. Capture the time when your child changes at the fastest rate. 1 short session every month throughout 12 months. The set of 12 sessions will create a memorable account for you and your child.

The Pregnancy sessions

Waiting for the new family member is one of the most exciting moments in life. The changes that the parents go through are worth saving. Round tummy, the excitement connected with becoming mum…and dad - it is worth recording - the photos will allow you this. The studio, a house, the exterior.

The '9 Project'The 9 months of pregnancy and the 9 months of changes in your body and spirit. Capture these changes. 9 sessions -1 for each month of pregnancy. The completed project will create unforgettable chronicle of this wonderful time.

For those In loveAn exceptional opportunity to grasp the magnetic attraction each of you feel. A romantic session for those in love will enable to create the lifelong account of your love adventure which can be cherished and recalled whenever you want. The most favourite places, the most beloved activities, what really draw you together - is worth recording and memorising. A romantic or a very intimate session at the studio, at home or... in the open air.

The family sessions An exceptional account lasting for years. Show your close relationship with your family. Show how much you love one another... record the present to be able to recall it in the future and see how you were like in the past. The studio, at home, the exterior. Give a wonderful present to yourself and your family.

The wedding sessionsGetting married is one of the most glorious and important moments in life. The photo account is a 'must'. Bear in mind that the wedding dress, the car, the flowers and other wedding accessories are very elusive. The photos are the only way to capture these moments. Don't let anything shade over the most important moments. Having wedding will allow you to go back and contemplate the events of this special day. You will not forget amazing feelings and joy you experinced at this time.

The glamour sessions A fantastic idea if you want to show your sensual side. The glamour photos will make others envious at the same time it's a wonderful account for you personally. For pure pleasure or portfolio. The studio, at home or exterior.

The parties Birthdays? Bachelor party? Hen party? School party? All unique moments worth remembering for a long time. The only thing you need to do - is to have a good time... leave the rest to me. I will capture the most remakable moments.

There are no price lists… each session is a different challenge and requires individualized approach. Just write about your expectations and I will come up with the estimate price. Or write how much you would like to spend and I will be more than happy to tell you what can be organized. We will surely agree on the most appropriate choice and it will not ruin your budget.